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letting go

letting go (1)
letting go (1)
August 2019

A visualisation of my healing process.
The processing of trauma, but also the loss of what was.
The letting go.
The sadness about everything.
The doubts and uncertainties. Should I keep doing this or should I choose a new path.
The not knowing anything. The feeling of losing everything by losing control by letting go of what was.
And the taking care of myself in the centre of the visualisation because that will bring the solutions and the answers.
Not letting the past blind me and not worry too much.
Just being and surrender to what is and taking the time to heal.

letting go (2)
letting go (2)
August 2019

How I try to surrender to what is.
Make room for getting better.
For softening the pain and sorrow.
And how I try to hold on, to keep control for fear that there will be nothing left when I let go.
And how that makes me laugh at myself.
What a hassle!