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Aphrodite's body issues

Aphrodite's body issues(1)
Aphrodite's body issues(1)
March 2019
Aphrodite's body issues (2)
Aphrodite's body issues (2)
May 2019

In my previous occupation as a women’s coach in my training Strip je Vrij! I stood with hundreds of women in underwear in front of the mirror to teach them to look at their body with different eyes. Not with the harsh judgmental eyes of the media. But with eyes that know the sensuality of every part of the body.
Because yes, maybe you have a big belly. But that same belly might have been your child’s house. Or it really can hold a lot of delicious pasta, such as mine. ;-)
And yes those legs are maybe way too firm according to the latest fashion magazines. But you can walk really fast with them. Or swim. Or dance. Or they will take you to work every day.

Thank your body for what it can do. For how much pleasure you experience it. And look at yourself in the mirror with those eyes.

Don’t put those judgments away. Quarreling with your inner critic doesn’t help. You won’t win that battle.
But try to add other qualities; Yes, my hair is just like straw. But how I love it when the wind blows through my hair.
Yes I have cellulite on my buttocks . But I can shake my booty and twerk like the best.

You probably know how to come up with something. But do it in advance, make a list before you stand in front of the mirror. Because otherwise it may just be that you have to listen to that critic all the time and that doesn’t make anyone happy.

And oh yes. You must keep repeating this remedy. I’m doing this exercise every now and then. Because if I see perfect pictures more often than real pictures, such as on Instagram, then the perfect pictures win and I become dissatisfied with myself again. And making beautiful images of my imperfect body also helps me to view my body differently. Maybe something for you to try out as well!

These are visualisations from my third series about Aphrodite who has turned fifty. This series is about revaluing, viewing her body with soft, receiving eyes and seeing the beauty of the woman again. No matter how old or young she is.