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about me

I’m Marielle Kleynjan (1968). Since 1990 together with my love and since 1994 mother of the sweetest son. I inspire and guide women in closing one story to make way for the next story in their lives to feel their freedom, strength and self-love again. My superpowers are unraveling, structuring, confronting, mirroring, humor and empathy. And I see potential in every person and in every situation.

With my sometimes surrealistic self-portraits, I depict my stories, thoughts and emotions. In my work I look for authenticity and I do not shy away from the sharp edges and the dark side of life.

Working as an independent in my own company Moem since 2004 I have facilitated one-on-one coaching, courses, training and workshops to women about female leadership, sensuality, sexuality and relationships. (10x Meer Plezier!, Strip je Vrij!) In 2016 I felt that I could no longer ‘walk my talk’ because I missed something in my life. The urge to express my own emotions and processes grew stronger. In the past I had learned all sorts of things at the art teacher academy and at the HKU and Academie Montaigne except for photography. In 2016 I took lessons at the Rotterdam Photo School and everything came together: My love for images and conceptual art and my love for working with everything that happens in our minds; how we think, dream, process, feel, project, hope, plan, fool ourselves, etc.

Photography is part of my work. Drawing, painting or digitally editing the photos until the visualisation/imagination is completely correct is perhaps a larger part. Sometimes I make something - embroidery, sewing or screen printing- before I start photographing. It’s really wonderful that I can draw from so many stories of heroines and goddesses that I used in my previous occupation for my imaginations. And that I have followed and am still following so many different types of art education.

I want you as a woman to be able to view and possibly buy art that is made especially for you. Art with stories, emotions and processes that all women sometimes experience. Art with a heroine to whom you can relate, so you won’t feel alone and feel seen. And that at the same time you feel inspired to look at your own life and take those steps to lead your life your way. That you feel free to express yourself unapologetically. In art, in looks, in life, in everything and in all sorts of ways. And that you also support and applaud other women in this. You are the best you out there. The more you the better! And the more happy women the better!

With love, vier keer marielle